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GenX Racing public setups are provided free of charge and are meant to make racing in each series more competitive and safer for all competing.  Most of these setups have been created first and foremost to be SAFE and Maneuverable on track.  The competitiveness of each will vary based on track temperatures and driving skills however the intent is to create a solid mid pack or better setup that can keep the driver out of harms way and keep them from being in the leaders way lap after lap due to a lack of speed.  Some will be front runners and some will be mid pack.  Remember these are free of charge and meant to be a better alternative to the fixed setups. Please share and give us credit for the setups however if you plan on posting these to another website please speak to us first as we do have to answer to sponsors.

If you like our setups and want to help support the team and keep the setups free of charge use the donate button.

A portion of all donations will go to The Folds of Honor Foundation.

Please take A moment to visit our sponsors and partners.  We have teamed up with Folds of Honor, a great charity organization as a partner. 


Join Us

GenX Racing has now opened up a public Discord server with Race rooms, Chat areas, Documentation and where we will offer help as needed.  All are welcome but we will moderate the room so be respectful to others.  This is an area meant to help bring people together to benefit the iRacing community as a whole.  Once you have joined a member will add you to a group with access to all areas.

Cup / NIS (A Open)
xFinity Sets (B Open)

Setup Guides


Please let us know your thoughts on our setups.  The more feedback we have the better we can be at making quality stable setups.

Thanks! Message sent.

All setups and downloads on this page are the property of GenX Racing LLC. unless credit is otherwise given or implied.  Any re posting of anything on this website without the express written consent of GenX Racing LLC. is strictly prohibited.

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