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Motec Install

These instructions will help you install Motec and get it set up and operational.  First things first.  Download a workbook to use in Motec.  This will give you lots of data to look at.  Do not download Motec seperately.  Use the version bundled with this zip file. 

Right Click on and extract


Browse into the folder you just created and double click mi2_pro_1.1.2.0669-x64.exe

1. Click Next

2. Accept the agreement

3. Click Next

4. Say "YES" to the UAC prompt

5. Finish

Now find the Motec icon in your start menu and double clock it before proceeding.

Click Next


Click Circuit


Click Circuit


When complete click "Open a Workspace


Click Import and browse to the folder you extracted to previously.  Go to "Esport Racing Group motec\MoTeC\i2\Workspaces\Export Racing Group v1.3" and choose workspace.i2wsp


Your new workbook should now be listed.  It may open on its own.  If so you should see the entire workbook opened.


If you see this then Motec is done.  Move on to the next stage.


MU install.  Mu is the program that takes your iRacing telemetry, converts it and moves it into Motec for viewing in Motec.

Browse into the folder you just created and double click muInstaller.msi then follow these steps.

1. Check I Agree and click Install

2. Say "YES" to the UAC prompt

3. Click Launch

4. Choose your Measurements, Metric or english

5. Tell MU to auto start telmetry

6. Verify your import and export directors look correct. 

7. Open a telemtry file by browsing to your telemetry folder.  once you do this it will open to that folder from now on. 

Now the IMPORTANT thing to remember is that if mu is not running telemetry will not auto start in iracing and it will not export to the folder for viewing so remember to start mu before you make laps. 


You are now all set.  You can update Mu when it asks but DO NOT update Motec.  If you do you take a chance of breaking your workbooks.  There is nothing in the newer versions you need. 

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